LWT plays Resident Evil 1.5

In this episode Mike and Cam check out the patched RE1.5 prototype and see how far they can get in it, as well as the Battle Colosseum demo.

LWT Let’s Play Sweet Home (Famicom)

This week we take on Capcom’s horror themed RPG and precursor/inspiration to Resident Evil, Sweet Home. Watch as we make Soroush struggle with the genre the has the least experience in.

LWT Let’s Play Macross (Famicom)

This week we try out the Famicom shooter based on the Macross anime (the first season of Robotech in North America).

LWT: Episode 9 : Gal Gun (PS3)

Part 2 of our Valentine’s Special. Not to be outdone by the crazy Cho Anikii, Gal Gun for the PS3 ends up being equally insane. This orgasmic shooter is another crazy title you have to see.

LWT: Episode 8 : Cho Aniki (PS1)

Part 1 of our Valentines Day special has us trying out Cho Aniki, a PS1 game featuring beefy Japanese dudes. This insane shooter is definitely something you have to see to believe.