Nintendo Switch – Launch and Games

I attended the midnight launch for the Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2017 at the flagship EB Games store in Toronto.

Here’s some quick details about the event, plus my impressions on the swtich, launch, and all the games.

Wii Retrospective Part 1 (2006-2007)

*Audio is a bit rough for this due to tech issues, will make sure the next part sounds much better.

Following up on my Wii U Post Mortem comes the first is a series of Wii Retrospectives. In this one I cover the launch of the Wii and the notable game releases through the following year.

WTF is Dream C Club Zero – An LWT Review

Cam and Mike spend this Valentines Day with the girls of Dream C Club Zero.

It’s the first video in our new review format so check it out!

Yakuza: Like a Dragon review (LWT at the Moves)

In celebration of Yakuza 0 coming out we’re covering a bunch of Yakuza stuff starting with the Japanese movie, directed by Takashi Miike and based off the first game.

LWT plays Resident Evil 1.5

In this episode Mike and Cam check out the patched RE1.5 prototype and see how far they can get in it, as well as the Battle Colosseum demo.

LWT Pocket plays Akiba’s Trip (PSP)

The sequel has been released on PS3 and PS4, and the anime just started airing on streaming services this week so it’s time to check out the original Akiba’s Trip.

In this game you play a guy in Japan’s famous otaku (nerdy) Akihabara district and fight against vampires who have are spreading in the area. This involves beating and stripping them to expose their skin to the sunlight.

Best and Most Notable Wii U games (The LWT WiiU Post Mortem)

The Wii U had been Nintendo’s least popular and worst selling console since the Virtual Boy despite have some great exclusives and a decent library. Just under 150 physical games have been released for the console and with nothing but Zelda on the horizon I’m taking a look back at the library to showcase what you can try to pickup on the cheap when the Switch comes out.

This is also the first video I’ve tried making with the Yeti mic, I think it helps our audio quite a bit, because of the timing and because I couldn’t use our usual recording spots the backdrop is pretty ugly, so thanks for putting up with that.

LWT at Reel Asian Film Fest 2016

We checked out three films at this years Reel Asian Film Fest in Toronto. Check out our discussion the animated prequel to Train to Busan: Seoul Station, Tsukiji Wonderland and Lost Daughter.

Final Fantasy XV 15 Ultimate Edition Unboxing (LWT)

In this video we open up the rare Ultimate Edition of Final Fantasy 15 (XV). This is the Xbox One version, and we go over the pre-ordering process and what’s included.