New Series: LWT at the Movies

We launched the first episode of a new series today. In “LWT at the Movies” we review foreign (mostly Japanese) films that never came out over here or aren’t that well known. If we can see them with subtitles we’ll do that, but if English subs aren’t available we’re going in blind.

Each episode will be the review of a movie with clips followed by a spoiler section and will be hosted by whichever LWT members saw the film.

In our first episode Mike and Cam go over Sion Sono’s Tag which was released in Japan last year.

Click here to check it out:

Our First Episode Launched!

Today we released our first episode of Lost Without Translation. It’s a pilot we shot just to test our equipment and setup and make sure everything runs smoothly, but actually ended up being a pretty fun episode, in our humble opinion, so we’ve decided to launch with it.

Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments here or on youtube.

Next week we’ll launch our side series LWT: The After Party in which we get together to talk about each game we play on LWT. In the main series we go in with as little knowledge as possible about the game, the After Party episodes are where we can have a real discussion about what we played. Between the eps we’ll look up the game, and dig into all the details that it would have been helpful to know before we actually played the game (though that would spoil the real fun!).

So come back in a weeks time to check out LWT: The After Party Episode 1: The Pilot Episode, and check back later for LWT: Episode 2!

X15 Cuphead Chat

Mike and Cam checked out the Xbox X15 showcase in Toronto and played a bunch of upcoming Xbox One games. Check out our chat with an artist from Studio MDHR about their upcoming release Cuphead.

We’ll have a podcast with our impressions on the show soon too.

Otakuthon 2015: Your Favorite Enemies Concert

Mixe and Mike from LWT had the opportunity to check out the anime convention Otakuthon in Montreal for the first time this year. It was a great con with a ton of fun events and we’ve got some upcoming content relating it, but in the meantime check out the following video:

It’s a video of the Juno nominated band Your Favorite Enemies finishing their Otakuthon concert with “The Messenger” one of the 3 songs they wrote for Dissidia: Final Fantasy. The concert was stream to Japan and a great showcase of the band.